How to get more followers on Instagram quickly?

When I say "grow your Instagram account quickly", that doesn't mean you'll have millions of followers and views overnight. It doesn't mean you'll make millions of euros in turnover overnight, either. No, we're not on that. If you have been on this channel for a while, you know that I prioritize quality and not necessarily 1 million followers but quality in your audience.

How to get more followers on Instagram quickly?

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Today, we will discuss the five ways to grow your Instagram account quickly. Some techniques are pretty simple, but we don't think about others that you need to know to use in your digital strategy.

Be careful. When I say "grow your Instagram account quickly", that doesn't mean you'll have millions of followers and views overnight. It doesn't mean you'll make millions of euros in turnover overnight, either. No, we're not on that. If you have been on this channel for a while, you know that I prioritize quality and not necessarily 1 million followers but quality in your audience.

So, for those who have not seen other videos and who are discovering me who do not know this platform, having a good audience means that it is an audience that follows you but appreciates your content, which is engaged. An audience when it is involved and very often when you are going to sell something, a product, a service, a service. I will be interested in it since the content is linked to what you offer, your expertise, and the logic of things.

If you have a good audience, this audience will be as engaged with your free content as with your paid content. So that's what I mean by a good audience. This good audience is interested and not because most people today are very focused on "I want 1 million followers, 20 million followers », but 1 million followers does not mean 1 million euros.

So please pay attention to this nuance because it is essential. When I tell you five tips to grow your Instagram account quickly, it's about growing your account with a good audience with quality content.

  1. Regular and quality content

The first tip is obvious, but we don't think about it. Besides, it doesn't only work on Instagram but also on YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and all other platforms all other social networks. This secret is to create quality content regularly.

I've said it many times before, but I'll repeat it: I can't say enough: if you create quality content, if you only do it once, it won't bring you new followers. It won't grow your audience. If you create content for the sake of creating content and do it regularly, it will only work if you can attract a good audience. It might be an audience, a big audience perhaps. You will have 1 million followers, but not necessarily the audience you need to generate turnover.

If you are here, you are an entrepreneur, trader, startup or content creator. Your objective is to generate content to attract a qualified audience interested in your products, services and benefits. So here, our objective is not to create content for content's sake but to create quality content, which means content with high-added value. So that means providing value to your audience, and at the same time, your content must be regular.

To create content with high added value, you need to know your audience:

Who are they?

Are they men, women, adolescents, older adults, mature people, people, active people, students?

What are they doing?

What is their daily life like?

Where do they live? etc… .

You need this information. If you don't have it because you're just starting, you don't have the statistics to say you're giving this information. At least get some basic information from someone who does something similar to yours. Or you can look into INSEE databases, which potentially have this type of information on your audience. You will need to have information about your audience and what they like. And sometimes even little tips if you want to know more about your audience but still need to build this audience. So, you need access to statistics on your account.

Do not hesitate to go to the account of specific competitors or people who do things equivalent to what you offer. If you want, you don't dare to contact them directly. Feel free to go to their account and review the comments under their videos or on their content. You will see that there are questions that are regularly asked. You will see which content is liked the most and which is shared the most. This will give you an idea of ​​your audience or at least the target audience you want. This will be a good lead.

Be careful; I'm not telling you to copy the content, be unique, or have your content. But here it is: have a good knowledge of your audience. Then I invite you to be regular if you can create content once a week, create content once a week and every week. If you can make twice a week, start twice a week, etc….

But don't compare yourself to your competitors, who are already making content daily. Instead, I invite you to start small and work your way up. And better than perfection, always remember that. Then, remember to try. I've said it before, but I'll repeat it: try comparing yourself to someone further away than you. So, there has already been an audience that has made a lot of content, for example, the big YouTubers. It's a waste of time because maybe you're just starting, and they've been there for a long time.

For example, I have a team around me and someone who does the video editing. I have someone who does the shoots. I have an assistant and a team around me who allow me to create content every day.

But maybe you're starting? You may not have all these people around you. Remember that the people you admire, who you appreciate enormously, who produce qualitative content. Take them as an example of quality, but don't try to go for perfection from the start, to be regular like them. Since then, and every day, you may have different rhythms, you may have different abilities or the same team. Please don't lose sight of that; you'll see that it will save you a lot of disappointment later on.

  1. Stories

Why stories rather than a regular publication? Know that stories and average posts each have their role. They each have their audience. So don't say to yourself, "Oh, I'm only going to create stories. Kelly said that stories help you grow your account…. ». No, stories have a purpose; average posts have a sense, and so do they. It's like communicating vessels. If you perform on one, the other will also perform. And I'm going to explain to you why stories have more views. Reports are highly consumed by people who are already in your audience. Why are we going to work on levels suddenly?

You will tell me, "Well, there is no point in talking to my already there audience. I want to develop my account.» Yes, the goal is to develop your audience. We agree, but if you want to build your account, you must already send signals to the algorithm, telling your content, and therefore the audience, that you have already appreciated your content.

The best way to do this is to get your current community more engaged and interact with your content, one of the mediums your audience and the general audience on Instagram enjoy. Mainly, these are the stories.

So, by creating stories and having them interact with your accounts, you will see that the algorithm will perceive this as a sign that the content is efficient and of quality. The more the algorithm perceives this as a positive sign, the more the algorithm will consider your account successful and appreciated for this content. Other people may also enjoy this content.

  1. IG Reels

The actual Instagram videos are concise format videos of 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds. It is a format that is intended to be dynamic. Its design aims to be much more fun, punchy, and even humorous.

You don't have to be a clown, and you don't have to do a little choreography or a ridiculous dance. You can be in your expertise. You can speak in front of the camera, you can not show your face if you wish, by simply showing what you are doing in front of you or by simply putting slides with texts. You have plenty of ways to do this.

Look at the range of everything done on Instagram on the content of real Instagram. In any case, real Instagram is a feature to exploit since it generates a lot of visibility and it's not just temporary.

That's to say? It's different that you will publish your real Instagram, and then you have 24/48 hours later so there are views and nothing more. No, even after a month, two months, or several months after your Instagram Reel was published, even if it didn't work immediately. You can see one fine morning that this video will suddenly have a certain number of views. And sometimes, it works, and it creates a buzz. It all depends, but content works in the long term. So think long-term when creating your Instagram Reels.

  1. Lives

Another tip for growing your Instagram account quickly is Lives. When you do live on Instagram, it works very well to develop your audience, especially if you collaborate. Let me explain: you can do live shows with 2, 3 or four people.

Why create lives with others when you can live alone? Because when you're going to do a live with another person in the same niche with an audience similar to yours, of course, avoid competitors; otherwise, it doesn't work. It's better to have someone who is in a niche close to yours, who is complementary to yours, for example. It's a win-win on both accounts.

  1. Competitions

Another formidable tip: competitions. Organize competitions, whether they are competitions that you initiate and that you communicate on Facebook, for example, or on another social network. The goal is for the community that you may have on Facebook or another platform, on YouTube, to come to Instagram and subscribe to your account.

In the case of the competition, there must be the need to like the account, subscribe to the history and perhaps a publication, but what is even better is to make them comment because it generates engagement. The algorithm likes it a lot.

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