Introducing the epic saga of dental wellness  | Best Dental Clinic in Whitefield,  Bangalore

Introducing the epic saga of dental wellness  | Best Dental Clinic in Whitefield,  Bangalore

Introducing the epic saga of dental wellness  | Best Dental Clinic in Whitefield,  Bangalore

Introducing the epic saga of dental wellness  | Best Dental Clinic in Whitefield,  Bangalore

We hardly realize the importance of our teeth before dental problems start haunting us like a nightmare. Let me narrate the story of a middle-aged woman named Maya and her journey towards attaining dental wellness with one of the Best Dental Clinic in Whitefield, Bangalore

The tale of dental wellness

Maya had an evergreen and heartwarming smile. Her smile had the capacity to make everyone around her happy. Whether at her workplace or social gathering, her laughter always resonated with an infectious vibe that created an aura of positivity and happiness. But there was a twist in the tale. Behind the elegant smile hid a tale of gum and teeth pain.  

Maya would suffer from toothaches and gum pains occasionally. However, she was extremely scared to go to a dentist to seek professional help. As days went by, the uneasiness started increasing, giving rise to sleepless nights. 

One day, while having lunch at the office, her colleague, Sneha, saw that Maya wasn’t being able to chew the food properly. Upon seeing that Maya was going through a certain level of discomfort, Sneha wanted to know the cause of it. Unable to control the pain anymore, Maya spoke to Sneha about the dental pain and her fear of visiting a dentist. Sneha understood the situation. She spoke to Maya at length, describing the importance of dental care and regular oral checkups and the painless experiences of dental care procedures owing to the modern-day inventions in dentistry. 

Convinced by the information, Maya finally decided to visit a dental clinic. She was recommended various medicines and oral examinations as a part of her treatment plan. She might have avoided such occurrences with regular checkups and early consultations with her doctors. 

The bottom line of the story is, don’t be like Maya. Stop being scared and adhere to basic oral care norms to avoid the growth of complex oral issues. In the following sections, I will be discussing with you some of the commonly felt symptoms, the necessities of dental wellness, and simple ways to take optimum care of your oral health. 

What are the commonly felt symptoms of degrading oral health?

It would help if you never ignored the symptoms of dental problems. Visit a healthcare specialist at your earliest if you experience any of the following dental or oral problems-

  •       Pain or irritation in the mouth that is not subsiding naturally even after a few weeks
  •       Feeling of sensation while consuming hot or cold food items
  •       Irregularities in the teeth, like missing or broken teeth
  •       Bleeding in the gum areas or teeth while brushing 
  •       Painful experiences while biting or chewing food
  •       Development of cavities or germs in the teeth
  •       Foul breath coming from the mouth even after regular brushing and flossing

Why is dental wellness necessary?

It is necessary to note the connections between dental wellness and overall well-being. If we do not care for oral health, we might go through various physical and emotional problems. Lack of dental wellness will give rise to-

1. Health issues

Oral problems have the power to generate complex health issues. The mouth is the pathway through which the harmful foreign particles enter our body. So, apart from cavities in the teeth or gum infections, the germs can cause heart diseases. It may also lead to the premature birth of a child if the mother suffers from oral health issues during pregnancy. Also, deadly health issues like oral cancer may be the outcome of dental problems.

2. Lower self-confidence

Problems related to the teeth can be many. Apart from pain and bleeding, abnormalities in the teeth can serve as a medium for developing lower self-confidence in an individual. Missing teeth often become a hindrance while speaking in the public domain. People with gaps in their teeth or misaligned teeth suffer from an inferiority complex, which acts as a major setback for them while climbing the ladder of success.

3. Emotional distress

Our emotions play a larger part in our well-being. A foul smell from the mouth, cavities, or toothache amplifies an individual’s emotional distress. The person feels self-conscious and avoids interactions and social gatherings. The fear of being judged and laughed at because of bad oral health restricts the overall development of a person. It makes a person vulnerable to mental health issues as feelings of anxiety and isolation start creeping in.

What are the ways to overcome oral problems?

There are certain simple and easy ways to overcome oral problems. They are-

1. Stick to oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth following proper techniques falls under the simplest way of maintaining good oral hygiene. Apart from that, understand and adopt the most effective flossing technique to remove the germs and plaques inside the teeth. Also, choose toothpaste that has fluoride in it to make your teeth strong and healthy.

2. See a dentist regularly

The thought that you will only visit a dentist when you develop oral problems is absurd. Visit a dental clinic at least once a year to ensure the safety of your oral health. Early detection of oral problems can save you from a lot of future troubles.

3. Say ‘No’ to bad addictions

Bad addictions include intake of tobacco or excessive drinking. Such addictions leave stains on the teeth, emit foul breath, and develop oral cancer. Getting rid of harmful addictions is a necessary step in boosting your oral health and bringing a positive shift in your life.

4. Controlling diseases

Some diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis can lead to oral diseases. Controlling such diseases will help in safeguarding your oral health. Managing diabetes will prevent gum disease and make your gum healthy.

5. Managing dry mouths

Certain medications might lead to the occurrence of dry mouths. Your dentist can suggest alternative ways to manage dry mouths. Also, getting rid of a dry mouth is possible by drinking a lot of water, chewing gum that does not contain sugar, and completely disowning products consisting of tobacco and other harmful ingredients. 


In conclusion, we can say that oral health is of utmost significance for overall well-being. We must unshackle our thoughts that make visiting the Best Dentist in Whitefield, Bangalore for regular dental checkups a scary adventure. Let us commit to making dental wellness a priority by embarking on a fun-filled dental adventure of developing a long-lasting foundation through an effective oral care regime.


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