4 Diabetes-friendly delicious recipes to satisfy your appetite | Best Diabetologist in Bangalore

4 Diabetes-friendly delicious recipes to satisfy your appetite | Best Diabetologist in Bangalore

4 Diabetes-friendly delicious recipes to satisfy your appetite | Best Diabetologist in Bangalore

4 Diabetes-friendly delicious recipes to satisfy your appetite | Best Diabetologist in Bangalore


Is your high level of blood sugar restraining you from enjoying your favorite platter? Are you

hunting for recipes that would balance your health conditions and satiate your taste bud? You are at

the right place. Patients with blood sugar levels on a higher level should follow a proper diet plan that

will be good for their health and at the same time satiate ones hunger for their favorite dishes. In simple

terms, diabetes is a medical condition that causes high levels of blood sugar in the body. Two

extremely important factors that help in controlling diabetes are a balanced diet and adequate

exercise. Consult with Best Diabetologist in Vijaya Bank Layout, Bommnhalli for Best Sugar management Plan.


Life will become positive and easygoing if the people suffering from diabetics concentrate and gain

An understanding of food habits will help them control the disease. Homemade curd, green

leafy vegetables, and non-vegetarian animal products like chicken and fish can be opted for by people

suffering from diabetes. Intake of sugar in food items is not the only reason for diabetes, other

factors also aggravate the disease as well. Reasonable intake of favorite food and a disciplined

lifestyle can create a significant difference in a diabetic person to control the high levels of blood

sugar in the body.


Let us look at some easy vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicious recipes for controlling higher levels

of blood.


1. Idli made with various flours

Giving up on your favorite food can become extremely difficult at times. Instead of using rice, idlis can be

made with urad dal and other flours like ragi, bajra, jawar etc.

Mix and soak split black lentils and fenugreek seeds in a bowl for around two hours. Make a smooth

mixture after draining off the excess water. Add whole wheat flour along with ragi, bajra, jowar to the

mixture. After adding salt and water, let the mixture settle down and fermentation take place

overnight. Next morning use the mixture to make idlis and have it with your favorite sambar and


2. Moong dal khichdi

One of the staple dishes in an Indian household is dal khichdi. It takes less preparation time and has

the capacity to satiate ones taste buds.

Firstly, soak moong dal and rice in different containers. Next, in a pressure cooker, put oil, bay leaf and jeera. When the fry emits a beautiful smell, add ginger, vegetables, and spices to it. Then add the

rice and dal into the cooker, put water as required, and close the lid. Wait until a few whistles and then

allow it to settle. Finally, have the succulent khichdi for lunch or dinner along with pickle or roasted


3. Bread stuffed with boiled eggs

Refraining from bread with a filling of boiled eggs in it is extremely difficult. Let us see a mouth smacking recipe for diabetic conditions to satisfy your hunger.

Boil some eggs and cut them into small cubes. Add black pepper, hung curd, and salt according to

your taste. You can also add mustard paste or some green vegetables to it. Add the filling to the

slices of bread in the shape of a square or triangle.

4. Chicken soup with homemade Roti

Recipes that include chicken are extremely popular among non-vegetarian people suffering from

diabetes. Let us consider the following recipe that can be easily cooked at home in less amount of



First, heat the frying pan with oil and then add cumin seeds to the heated oil. Chopped onions,

pasted tomatoes, and pasted ginger and garlic are to be followed. When a thick and even mixture has

been formed, add boneless chicken, salt, and other spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and red

chili, all in the form of powder. The chicken must be cooked by pouring water on it over a medium

flame. Finally, garnish the platter with coriander leaves and have it with hot, fluffy rotis for dinner.

The condition of diabetes doesnt depend on the intake of food items only. The key to control

diabetes is how you eat. So, a balanced diet along with regular exercise as directed by Dr.Purnima.K, Diabetologist, and physician helps a diabetic person to lead a normal lifestyle without much of a hindrance.

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