Best DIY Tips for Car Cleaning in Mumbai

Best DIY Tips for Car Cleaning in Mumbai

A cleaned car tells a lot about the bond between the vehicle and its owner. If the owner cares about his car then you will see a cleaned and maintained car and vice versa. But due to the busy schedule of Mumbaikar, it gets difficult to take out time to wash your car even if you care about your four wheeler. This is why today we are here with the effective DIY tips for car cleaning in Mumbai. Without any further ado, let’s talk business

 Plan it - If you are an employee, business owner, or a self employed person then we get it that due to a busy schedule you are not able to deep clean your car, but here is what you can do. Open your calendar, circle the holidays and then note down deep car cleaning under that date. 

Make sure to use your weekends wisely, if you visit any garage for car cleaning in Navi Mumbai then you will face a lot of people in the waiting line on weekends. This is why you plan your Saturday or Sunday morning to clean your vehicle by yourself.

  1. Buy the products - There are different types of products for cleaning the exterior of your car, and different products for cleaning the interior part. Get the basic products to get the best result.
  2. Start from inside - Start with cleaning the interior first, start with mats, seats, covers and the dashboard. After vacuuming and cleansing the interior, move outside. When you’re washing the body, be gentle with the dents and scratches. Use a wet duster and a dry duster for cleaning and washing.
  3. Use duster before and after - Make sure to use duster to clean the exterior and the dashboard of your car before and after using it. Do this every time to avoid cleaning all the dust and dirt at once.

If you live in Mumbai and due to a busy schedule you’re not able to do the car cleaning and unable to send your car for cleaning on weekends then do follow these 4 steps.

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