Cancer Surgeon in Delhi

Cancer Surgeon in Delhi

Cancer Surgeon in Delhi

Cancer Surgeon in Delhi

Cancer is a formidable adversary that requires expert medical care and attention. In Delhi, patients seeking top-tier surgical expertise for cancer treatment often turn to Dr. Neeraj Goel, a renowned cancer surgeon with an impressive track record.

Dr. Neeraj Goel

MS, MCh(GI Surgery), Sr. Consultant GI Oncology & GI Surgery

Dr. Neeraj Goel is the first GI Surgeon in East Delhi & adjoining NCR to provide comprehensive GI surgical and GI Oncologic care. He is trained in GI Surgery from coveted GB Pant Hospital. He has also done his fellowship in HPB Surgery from South Korea. He performs all kind of laparoscopic GI surgical procedures.

Dr. Neeraj Goel's Background and Expertise

Dr. Neeraj Goel is a highly skilled Surgical Gastroenterologist and GI Oncology specialist based in Delhi. He boasts over 14 years of experience in the field and is recognized for his proficiency in complex GI surgical procedures. His qualifications include MBBS, MS, and MCh in GI Surgery, making him one of the most well-trained professionals in the region.

He is the first GI Surgeon in East Delhi & adjoining NCR to start full-fledged GI Surgical Services at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital (now Max Hospital, Vaishali). Presently he is working as Clinical Lead & Senior Consultant GI Oncology, GI and HPB Surgery at Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi.


Dr. Neeraj Goel specializes in various areas related to gastrointestinal health, including Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery, Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) Oncology, and Minimal Access Surgery. He is also known for his expertise in Bariatric Surgery, providing comprehensive care for obesity-related conditions.

Dr. Neeraj Goel is associated with Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital for the admissions and the operative facilities. With state of the art facilitites at Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, He is the only doctor in East Delhi & adjoining NCR to provide comprehensive(both open and laparoscopic) advanced Gastrointestional Procedures.

Advanced Techniques and Approach

Dr. Goel is known for his use of advanced techniques, such as Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) and robotic surgery, to treat cancer. His comprehensive approach to patient care ensures that individuals receive personalized treatment plans and compassionate support throughout their cancer journey.

Recognition and Excellence

Dr. Neeraj Goel's commitment to excellence in cancer surgery has earned him recognition as a top-rated surgeon in Delhi. Patients value his expertise and comprehensive care, making him a trusted choice for those in need of gastrointestinal cancer treatment.

In conclusion, Dr. Neeraj Goel is a distinguished Cancer Surgeon in Delhi, known for his exceptional skills and dedication to providing the best possible care to cancer patients. His expertise in GI surgery and gastrointestinal oncology has made him a valuable resource for those battling cancer in the region.

Contact Information:

Gastro Delhi

Address: D-1, Hakikat Rai Rd, Block D, Adarsh Nagar, Delhi, 110033

Phone: +91–9667365169, +91–9599294453


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