Cochlear And Hearing Implants In Delhi

Cochlear And Hearing Implants In Delhi, Dr.(Prof.) Ameet Kishore specializing in Cochlear And Hearing Implant Surgery, Auditory Brainstem Implant And Bone Anchored Hearing Devices In Delhi, India.

Cochlear And Hearing Implants In Delhi

Cochlear And Hearing Implants In Delhi

How does a cochlear implant function?

In instances of sensorineural deafness, the hair cells are absent / damaged even though the hearing nerve might be in place. These nerve do not conduct sound as a result of hair cell damage. However, these nerves can convey electrical impulses to the brain on electrical stimulation. Cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells and convert natural sounds into electrical signals and send these signs through the hearing nerve to the brain. Easy availability of latest Cochlear and Hearing implants In India has now made it possible to have them. We have the Best Cochlear Implant Surgeon and Audiologist team in the region to help you get expert care Read More »

Cochlear Implants (CI)

An electronic device surgically implanted in the cochlea (inner ear) that is used to provide sensation of sound in individuals who have a severe to profound hearing loss and do not benefit from hearing aids. Cochlear has conveyed the endowment of sound to more than quarter of a million people over the world. The world's best cochlear innovation is presently accessible in India. Accessible in a scope of item offerings, you can now easily have latest Cochlear and Hearing implants In India Read More »

Bone Anchored Hearing Devices (BAHA and Bonebridge)

These are surgically implanted hearing devices that are designed to help persons with certain types of hearing losses. They work through the principle of bone conduction where sound is transferred to the inner ear by vibration of the skull bone. Preclinical outcomes suggest that the BB has practical execution like the BAHA and could be productive to patients enduring with conductive and hearing losses and additionally for those with one-sided hearing loss Read More »

Vibrant Soundbridge middle ear implant (VSB)

This is an electronic device implanted in the middle ear in those individauls with certain types of hearing loss, who are dissatisfied with hearing aids or cannot wear conventional hearing aids. Rather than a hearing aid - which can just make sounds entering the ear louder - the Vibrant Soundbridge changes over the signals into mechanical vibrations. This mechanical vitality specifically animates the structures of the middle ear and permits even sharp tones to be heard extraordinarily well Read More »

Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI)

This is a surgically implanted electronic device that delivers sound directly to the hearing centre in the brainstem. It is an opton for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss where a cochlear implant cannot be used due to damage or absence of the cochlea or the hearing nerve Read More »

Cochlear Implant Surgery with Cochlear and Hearing implants In India

The Implant Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes only an hour. A cut is made behind the ear to open the mastoid bone and access the middle ear. After that the internal ear (cochlea) is opened and electrodes are inserted. The method requires a stay in the doctor's facility for 1 to 2 days.

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