Do’s & Don’t - Tips for Pest Control in Nashik

Nashik is counted as the third largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. It is also known as “Wine city of India” and has become one of the highest populated cities of India. Due to its fast growing population, the population of  pests is also growing day by day. Hiring Pest Control in Nashik urgently can be a difficult task and it may cost you a lot of money. If you want to get rid of the pests at your house or office, then here is the list of do’s and don’t you can follow:

Do’s and Don’t lists to follow:

  1. Do Maintain Hygiene: Rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, etc. Almost all types of pests are attracted to unhygienic environments. If you are seeing them in your house then it is a sign that you need to maintain hygiene there. Pay special attention to the kitchen, bathroom, store room, and stairs.

  1. Do use a Mosquito Net: If you are planning to open your window or balcony gate in the evening then do make sure to use mosquito netting. As mosquitoes see the open window as an invitation into your house.

  1. Do Pay attention to pets: If you have a pet in your house (Dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) then it is normal to have fleas, ticks, in your house, but it is not normal to let them stay. Make sure to give your pet a good bath almost twice in a week. Use anti-ticks shampoo or special soaps for them. Always give them a small bath after coming from the park or a walk.

  1. Don’t leave food: Cockroaches, rats, and ants are always in the hunt of leftover food. Your kitchen slab with leftover food is like a treasure for them. So, avoid leaving food, try to eat all of it or pack it in a mannerful way and put it in the refrigerator.

  1. Don’t Ignore Water: Dirty water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes which may carry dengue and malaria. Many people forget to change water in their cooler, container for birds or pets, don’t be one of them, make sure to change the water every day. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge need for pest control in Mumbai because many people there forget or ignore changing the water.

  1.  Don’t Accumulate Garbage: Many people let their garbage gather and increase in number in their dustbin and because of this ignorant behavior the cockroaches get a place for a party and ground for breeding. Don’t become one of those people, throw out the garbage every day or hire a garbage collector.

Do make sure to follow this list and Don’t ignore it, these steps will help to get rid of those tiny creatures without calling pest control service.

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