How to Change PST Emails into PDF with Attachments?

Effective and reliable software for converting Outlook emails to PDF files with all email features and attachments is DataVare PST to PDF Converter Tool.

How to Change PST Emails into PDF with Attachments?


In the modern-day digital age, emails have become the number one mode of communication. Outlook, one of the most famous email clients, is widely used for both personal and professional conversations. Often, you may want to shop an Outlook e-mail as a PDF report for various reasons, which include archiving crucial correspondence, sharing statistics in a non-editable format, or without a doubt for report-maintaining. In this article, we can explore how to convert Outlook emails (in PST format) into PDF documents, discussing the reasons for doing so, guide techniques, their drawbacks, and a pro approach to streamline the process.

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About Converting PST to PDF File Format

PST (Personal Storage Table) is the report layout utilized by Outlook to store emails, contacts, calendars, and other statistics. However, PST files are not universally available, which can be problematic when sharing vital electronic mail statistics. Converting those files to PDFs can remedy this difficulty. PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely established and easily viewable across various platforms, making it a super format for archiving and sharing emails.

Reasons for Converting Outlook Emails to PDFs

Universal Accessibility: PDF files may be opened on nearly any tool and on foot, making them an extraordinary choice for sharing important emails with wonderful recipients.

Preservation of Formatting: PDFs hold the original formatting and layout of the email, making sure that the content material stays intact.

Non-Editable: PDFs are non-editable by default, which is useful for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the email's content.

Long-term Archiving: PDFs are a strong layout for prolonged-term archiving, making sure that your critical emails continue to be on hand and readable in the future.

Professional Presentation: When sharing emails in a professional context, changing them to PDF gives them a fashionable and organised appearance.

Solution: Manual Methods and Their Drawbacks

Before we delve into the professional answer, let's, in brief, find out the guide strategies for converting Outlook emails to PDF and their drawbacks.

Manual Methods:

Printing to PDF: You can use the "Print" alternative in Outlook to print an email to a PDF printer like Adobe PDF or Microsoft Print to PDF. However, this technique can be time-consuming, particularly when you have a couple of electronic mails to convert.

Copy-Paste to Word: You can duplicate the content fabric of the email and paste it properly into a Word document, then maintain the Word record as a PDF. This approach can also bring about formatting issues, and it is not suitable for preserving e-mail attachments.


Time-ingesting: Manual techniques may be slow, specifically for bulk conversion.

Loss of Attachments: Some manual techniques may not efficiently hold e-mail attachments.

Formatting Issues: Converting emails manually can cause formatting discrepancies, which is not exceptional for expert communiqués.

Professional PST-to-PDF Converter Tool

To triumph over the limitations of manual techniques, recall the usage of an expert PST to PDF converter device, along with DataVare Outlook PST to PDF Migration Software. These tools are specifically designed to streamline the conversion system, making sure that your emails are correctly transformed into PDF documents.

Steps to Convert PST to PDF Using PST to PDF Converter:

  • Start with the task of downloading and installing the software on your laptop.
  • Open the software and select the PST report you want to transform into a PDF.
  • The device allows you to preview the emails inside the PST file to ensure you're changing the proper content material.
  • Choose the region in which you need to shop the converted PDF documents.
  • Click the "Convert" button to provoke the conversion technique.

  • Once the conversion is complete, you can open and remember the following PDF documents:


Converting Outlook emails to PDF is a practical and inexperienced way to preserve and percentage crucial e-mail content material. While guide strategies are to be had, they arrive with numerous drawbacks, along with time consumption and capacity formatting issues. Using an expert PST to PDF converter device like a software can simplify the system, making sure that your emails are accurately converted into PDF format and maintaining their integrity and accessibility for the long term. Whether for private or expert use, this method is a valuable answer for managing your e-mail correspondence correctly.

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