Indian Visa Services Suspended in Canada Amid Huge Diplomatic Controversy

Indian Visa Services Suspended in Canada

Indian Visa Services Suspended in Canada Amid Huge Diplomatic Controversy

Canada recently made a controversial decision to halt the issuance of visas to Indian citizens "until further notice." This decision comes in the context of ongoing diplomatic tensions between the two countries over claims that Canada has intelligence linking Indian government agents to the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a pro-Khalistan Sikh leader.

This decision was conveyed through a notice published by BLS International, an online visa application center that processes visa applications from India and other countries. In the notice, BLS International stated that Indian visa services would be suspended starting from September 21, 2023, "due to operational reasons."

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a prominent figure in the pro-Khalistan movement, which has long sought independence for the Punjab region in India. Nijjar's murder has been a source of tension between India and pro-Khalistan groups.

Claims of Indian government agents' involvement in Nijjar's murder have created significant controversy on the international stage. Canada, as a country that upholds principles of human rights and the rule of law, is under pressure to investigate these claims seriously.

Canada's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not provided further details regarding the reasons behind the temporary suspension of Indian visa services. However, this decision could impact numerous Indian citizens planning to visit or reside in Canada.

Meanwhile, India has vehemently denied these claims, viewing them as an attempt to undermine diplomatic relations between the two countries.

These claims have also become a topic of debate within India, with several politicians and analysts expressing concerns about its impact on bilateral relations.

Additionally, amid this controversy, many Indian citizens who have already applied for visas or plan to do so in the future will face significant uncertainty.

The temporary suspension of Indian visa services in Canada will be a focal point of attention in the coming weeks, with many eagerly awaiting further developments in the diplomatic tension between the two countries.

As the situation continues to evolve, the international community and observers will continue to monitor further developments in this controversy that has shaken the relations between Canada and India.

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