Install anti-static flooring to prevent lethal electric discharge in industries

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Install anti-static flooring to prevent lethal electric discharge in industries

We have a huge selection of flooring material at our disposal that can serve a number of purposes with regards to usability, safety, convenience and comfort. Flooring offers sure footing, withstand heavy foot traffic, and provide aesthetic appeal to your interiors. There are huge numbers of designs, styles, patterns, texture and material available in modern day flooring and they could be organic or synthetic. You can select from a huge range of flooring material from Magasins de revêtements de sol à Lubumbashi, haut- Katanga (Flooring stores in Lubumbashi, Haut- Katanga) and you will find floorings that are within your budget without sacrificing quality and usability.

The types of flooring you find in those stores will include artificial grass, laminate flooring, wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, ceramic and porcelain flooring, linoleum and vinyl flooring, carpet flooring SPC and WPC flooring. This is tremendous collection and you could easily find the ones that suited to your budget. Most of these floorings are designed to suit homes as well as commercial shops and office. These are available in different sizes, length and width, small or large format, layers or planks and in other forms that suit your ambience. Carpet tiles, LVT, porcelain, engineered wooden planks, WPC or SPC floorings are commonly used in most household interiors and exteriors. Unlike the traditional concrete flooring the modern tiles, planks and rolls are big guarantee on waterproof and they are also reinforced to resist impacts, heavy traffic, spills and stains. Most of the flooring can give you unwavering service for many decades if you keep them in good condition.

With advanced flooring technology science has unearthed the revêtement de sol antistatique (anti-static floor covering) which is a necessity in industries and commercial establishments. What is an anti-static floor? It inhibits the production of electrostatic discharge or ESD that happens when a charged object or person comes in contact with another object. It is clearly visible as a spark or micro sized blue bolts.   Who needs anti-static floors?

Who Needs Anti-Static Floors?

Installing anti-static flooring is a precaution that will avoid accidental electric charge that an affect workers in a manufacturing plant. It is the most basic precaution you are required to take to save lives and avoid accidental fires ignited by chemicals used in industrial processes. You need to provide a static-free environment for workers to perform their duties without the fear or being electrocuted. If you are one of those industries then it is a must that you install anti-static flooring. For budget oriented and durable flooring of all kinds you can contact Floors Africa on phone number (813) 835-2355. You can expect most professional flooring offers from them.   

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