Lasik Treatment Cost In Delhi

BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is the first centre in the whole of NORTH and EAST Delhi to install the ZEISS VISUMAX femtosecond laser system for 100 % bladefree / bladeless lasik.

Lasik Treatment Cost In Delhi

Lasik Treatment Cost In Delhi

Bajaj Eye Care Centre is a speciality hospital providing high-tech quality eye care services, Established in 1996. Bajaj Eye Care Centre is NABH accredited which is the highest Indian accreditation standard to provide quality health care services. It is registered with Directorate of Health Care Services, Delhi. It is also empaneled with various Governmental, Non-Governmental & Public Sector organizations like CGHS, DGEHS, NDMC, MCD, DJB, Delhi University etc. It is also a part of GIPSA group of Insurance Companies to provide cashless Mediclaim Treatment.


BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is committed towards providing and maintaining highest standards of quality and safety for its patients. We take pride in saying that BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is NABH accredited which means it strictly maintains the highest national standards for patient quality and safety .Technology plays a great role in achieving both of these.

BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is the first centre in the whole of NORTH and EAST Delhi to install the ZEISS VISUMAX femtosecond laser system for 100 % bladefree / bladeless lasik.

What Is Blade Free Lasik ?

BLADE FREE LASIK as it suggests does not involve any kind of blade in lasik laser procedures making the procedure more precise, accurate, safe and more comfortable to the patient.

Any lasik procedure consists of two steps :

  • In the first step a corneal flap is created and in blade free lasik this is done by utilizing a femtosecond laser instead of a blade or microkeratome(blade like computerized equipment) to create a flap as in conventional lasik.
  • In the second step another laser called an EXCIMER laser is directed to the layers beneath the flap to alter the shape of the cornea according to the patients requirement .

At BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE in the first step …VISUMAX (CARL ZEISS GERMANY ) FEMTO SECOND LASER is used and in the second step MEL 80 excimer laser is used. Both the equipments are manufactured by CARL ZEISS GERMANY who are the world renowned leaders in development of optical systems and opto electronics thus giving precision and the highest quality standards to the procedure.

Why Visumax Femtosecond Laser ?

100 % BLADELESS FLAPS WITH VISUMAX: Creating a flap with VISUMAX is a completely bladeless procedure . During treatment the laser energy thus delivered in the form of an accurately focused laser beam moves through the 8 mm treated area creating self disappearing very small bubbles at a desired plane thus creating a flap , which is very easily lifted by the surgeon .

We at BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE create very thin flaps to the tune of 90 to 100 microns thus offering 100 % thin flap BLADE FREE LASIK .

VISUMAX 500 DELIVERS MORE PRECISE AND LESS ENERGY : The laser energy settings in VISUMAX are like that it operates at a several times lesser energy than other femtosecond lasers giving the machine a key factor in treating the delicate corneal tissues .

HIGH PRECISION OPTICAL QUALITYOF ZEISS PRODUCTS –VISUMAX500 : The high precision optics deliver an extremely focused femtosecond laser beam at the desired plane to create a corneal flap leaving the peripheral surrounding area untouched thus delivering more accurate , precise and gentle flaps than any other femtosecond laser brand technology

The CURVED CONTACT GLASS of ZEISS VISUMAX FS LASER : During the procedure a contact glass is apposed to the patients corneal surface to create a flap .

VISUMAX is the only femtosecond laser to utilize a curved contact surface to enhance patient comfort . Since the human cornea is a curved surface this technology allows a more natural and comfortable fit , which can be even further customized according to the size and shape of the patients eye . This results in a less pressure build up and sensation on the eye during the procedure , allowing the patient to retain vision throughout the procedure unlike withother FS lasers where your vision is blacked out for approximately 30 seconds, where patients become highly uncomfortable.

SHORTER DURATION OF TREATMENT : VISUMAX utilizes / delivers laser at a pulse frequency of 500 Hz thus shortening the treatment time in flap creation than FS lasers . It takes only 15 to 20 seconds per eye to create a create flap making it a highly efficient laser .

PRECISE VISUAL CONTROL OF ALL STEPS : Zeiss surgical microscopes are known for its high optical quality ,required for the precise visual control . It also has an integrated video camera to record the procedure .

COMFORTABLE BED : Lying comfortably is extremely important to restrict patients movement during the procedure . VISUMAX allows a constant monitoring of the patients position to maintain a perfect alignment of the eye to the laser system.

Advantages Of Bladefree Lasik With Visumax :

PREDICTABILITY AND PRECISION : Flaps made with VISUMAX femtosecond laser are very precise and predictable ie the control over the dimensions and thickness of the flaps made is much better .

THIN FLAPS MADE EASY : VISUMAX femtosecond laser can create very thin flaps upto 80 microns easily . The thinner flaps made have an advantage in leaving behind a thicker corneal base for better functioning cornea .

BETTER CORNEAL STRENGTH : The more the residual corneal bed the better is the biomechanical stability of the cornea , ie lesser chances of a possible post operative complication called corneal ectasia .

FASTER VISUAL RECOVERY : Visual recovery is fast with thin flaps made on VISUMAX femtosecond laser.

MINIMAL FLAP RELATED COMPLICATIONS : Flap related complications are almost negligible with bladefreelasik done by VISUMAX FS laser .

LESS INDUCTION OF HIGHER ORDER ABBERATIONS : Thin flaps made by VISUMAX cause lesser incidence of glare and haloes due to fewer induced higher order abberations.

LESSER INDUCED DRYNESS OF EYES : The very thin ( 80 to 90 microns ) flaps created by VISUMAX FS laser result in lesser incidence of dry eyes .

VISUMAX FS laser has an ability to treat thinner corneas by making thinner flaps and thus higher degrees of myopia can be treated .

BETTER POST OPERATIVE QUALITY OF VISION : A combination of ZZEISS VISUMAX FS laser for creating a flap and ZEISS MEL 80 EXCIMER laser utilizing a wave front optimized ASPHERIC profile for carving the cornea gives an optimum quality post operative vision with a better contrast sensitivity .

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, please contact:

Name: Bajaj Eye Care Centre

Address: 101, Vikas Surya Plaza, Plot №7, DDA Community Centre Road №44, Pitampura, Delhi-110034

Phone: 011–47024919 / 27012054


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