Lasik treatment Cost In Pitampura

Lasik treatment Cost In Pitampura | How Does Blade-Free Lasik Work?

Lasik treatment Cost In Pitampura

LASIK is completely blade-free. ZIESS VISUMAX FS 500 is being used
The highest levels of quality and safety are something that BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is dedicated to offering and upholding for its patients. We are pleased to announce that BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE has received NABH accreditation, demonstrating that it adheres to the strictest national requirements for patient quality and safety.Both of these are made possible by technology.

The first facility in North and East Delhi to deploy the ZEISS VISUMAX femtosecond laser system for 100% bladefree/bladeless lasik is BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE.

How Does Blade-Free Lasik Work?
Since there are no blades used during BLADE FREE LASIK operations, the technique is more accurate, precise, safe, and comfortable for the patient.

There are two steps to any lasik procedure:

The initial stage in traditional lasik involves making a corneal flap, however with blade less lasik this is done by using a femtosecond laser rather than a blade or microkeratome (blade-like computerised equipment).
The layers under the flap are targeted by an additional laser in the second stage called an EXCIMER laser in order to change the cornea's shape in accordance with the patient's needs.

Why use a femtosecond laser from Visumax?
Visumax provides 100% bladeless flaps: VISUMAX is a fully blade-free method of forming a flap. A flap is created during treatment by the laser energy that is then provided in the form of a perfectly focused laser beam moving over the 8 mm treated region. The flap is then very easily removed by the surgeon.

At BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE, we make 100% thin flap BLADE FREE LASIK using flaps that are 90 to 100 microns thick.

MORE PRECISE AND LESS ENERGY ARE DELIVERED BY VISUMAX 500: The VISUMAX's laser energy settings make it operate at a far lower energy than other femtosecond lasers, making it an important tool for treating the fragile corneal tissues.

ZEISS PRODUCTS WITH HIGH PRECISION OPTICAL QUALITY - VISUMAX500: The high precision optics provide more accurate, precise, and soft flaps than any other femtosecond laser brand technology by directing an intensely concentrated femtosecond laser beam at the target plane while leaving the periphery surrounding region unaffected.

The ZEISS VISUMAX FS LASER's CURVED CONTACT GLASS: During the treatment, a contact glass is placed against the patient's corneal surface to form a flap.

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