PM Modi Applauds Indian Athletes for Record 107 Medals at Asian Games

PM Modi Applauds Indian Athletes

PM Modi Applauds Indian Athletes for Record 107 Medals at Asian Games

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Indian athletes for their "historic" achievement of winning a record 107 medals at the Asian Games. In his statement, Modi referred to this accomplishment as a historic milestone for India, stating that the determination and hard work of the players have made the nation proud.

At the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, Indian athletes successfully achieved a total of 107 medals, the highest ever in history. Modi expressed his delight through social media, praising the athletes' tireless efforts over the two-week period. He called this achievement evidence of unwavering determination and fiery spirit among India's young athletes.

In his statement, Modi said, "Historic achievement for India at the Asian Games! The entire nation is overjoyed that our incredible athletes have brought home the highest ever total of 107 medals, the best performance in the last 60 years." He added that these victories inspire the entire nation and strengthen India's resolve to achieve excellence in the field of sports.

The total of 107 medals consists of 28 gold medals, 38 silver medals, and 41 bronze medals. This marks a significant jump from the total of 70 medals India secured in the previous Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018. These victories reflect thorough preparation, intensive training, and high competitive spirit among Indian athletes.

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This achievement has also ignited a new spirit among the youth of India to engage in sports and make their mark on the international stage. Indian athletes are now recognized as a formidable force at the international level, solidifying India's reputation as a country with exceptional sporting talent.. . . . . . . . . . . .

In his conclusion, Modi stated that this achievement would be remembered by future generations as a historic milestone in India's sporting progress. He also expressed gratitude to all coaches, officials, and supporters who have backed the athletes in this extraordinary accomplishment. As India closes the chapter on the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the nation's eyes are now set on a bright future, filled with hope for even greater achievements on the international sports arena.

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