What is SOBHA 350 Riverside Crescent Dubai?

Sobha 350 Riverside Crescent is the new residential project located in the dream city Dubai and that too in Sobha Hartland 2 community, this new off-plan property is considered the best residential option for both the investor and home buyer, so this way it becomes all in one property.

What is SOBHA 350 Riverside Crescent Dubai?

Interestingly, properties that are smaller in size just for example a studio or 1 BR apartment are much in demand which even leads to high ROI so this way the investor can again maximum benefit from it, apart from this, from a living point of view small size properties are easy to maintain which means with less maintenance you can enjoy your space and have a tension free stay otherwise its cleanliness is a big time mess.

So this turns Sobha 350 Riverside Crescent into a secured housing option in Dubai for all, and even as first time buyers they can consider this property because of its quality space to live in and its location that is Sobha Hartland 2 which is one of the comfortable and planned communities to live in.


The site comes with the right merge of 1, 1.5 and 2 BR apartment where all of them are well planned on the best floor plan to get the core access to the space and even its high rise tower captures the panoramic view of the city.

Sizes start from 527- 1,219 Sq. Ft. where all of them are good enough for a bachelor or family.


This project is located around the riverside where one can enjoy waterbodies with different activities, and even it is a good way to capture nature and its beauty all the time, apart from this, the series of trees creates the perfect picture to live in. 


To add up a new experience, the site comes with its different range of amenities where the presence of a gym, spa, clubhouse, sports hub, jogging track and even more recreational activities are the part of the site so that families can come together and find a better way to engage in healthy lifestyle.


With 20% of the total booking, you can freeze your unit and further with an eas\ payment plan the rest of the amount can be paid. 


Sobha 350 Riverside Crescent is the latest residential property in Dubai serving small size units to start your new lifestyle and be around an active ambience to stay super energetic and most importantly to meet quality property.

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