What is the best timing for car transport in Kolkata?

What is the best timing for car transport in Kolkata?

Kolkata is also known as “city of joy”, the nickname is earned through its culture, tradition, literature, history, and food. So, you can imagine how many people will love to live in a city of joy. With a population of more than 1.49 crore, it can be a difficult task to shift your item. Especially if you’re moving a fragile item or planning for car transport in Kolkata then it is really important to do it in a traffic-free time for your vehicle’s safety. Along with the traffic, Kolkata faces heavy rainfall which also can bring trouble in your transportation process.

Best timing to avoid heavy traffic in Kolkata

Trouble in heavy traffic can cause wear and tear on your vehicle. But it is difficult to find out a time in which you’ll get almost zero traffic but it is possible to find out a time in which you will face fewer traffic issues compared to other hours.

Avoid the transit process during peak hours in Kolkata, it starts building from 8:30am to 12pm then starts again at 5pm and goes on till 8:30pm. Try your best to finish the process between 12pm-5pm.

Best timing to avoid heavy rainfall in Kolkata

We all know, Kolkata faces heavy rainfall as it comes in the lower Ganga Valley, but let’s not start a geography lecture here. Due to heavy rainfall, you can face heavy traffic and unsafe road conditions increase the chances for accidents or will delay your transportation process. Climatologically, the rainiest month for Kolkata is July along with August.

Conclusion - 

If you are planning for car or bike transport in Kolkata then make sure you’re not mistaken to conduct this process during the peak office hours and heavy monsoon. In this article, we told you about the perfect timing to choose for vehicle shifting in Kolkata.

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